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Lecture 8

MHR 741 Lecture 8: MHR 741 Lecture 8 Notes

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 741
Genevieve Farrell

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Interpersonal Dynamics and Teams
Week 12 Notes
Empowering and Engaging Others
Provide freedom for people to do what they want to do rather than getting them to do
what you tell them to do
Remove controls, constraints, and boundaries
Energize and provide intrinsic encouragement
Empowered employees are more:
o Productive
o Satisfied
o Innovative
o Create better higher quality products and services
o Flexible and adapt to changes
o Self-confident
o Intrinsically motivated
o Capable
Differences between Power and Empowerment
External source
Few have it
The capacity to have others do what
you want
To get more implies taking it away
from someone else
Leads to competition
Internal source
Everyone can have it
The capacity to have others do what
they want
To get more does not affect how
much others have
Leads to cooperation
5 Dimensions of Empowerment
Self-efficacy a sense of personal competence; belief that I have the ability to perform
the task; no outside obstacle with prevent me from accomplishing the task
Self-determination a sense of personal choice, about the methods I use, the effort I
will expend, the pace of the work, and the time frame
Personal consequences sense of having an impact
o Active control I can bring the environment into alignment with my wishes
o Accountability I am responsible for my own outcomes
Meaningfulness sense of value in the activity; a sense of purpose, passion, or mission
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