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Industry Average Metrics July 13 2012 INDUSTRY AVERAGE METRICS FOR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Written by Derek Arcuri Enterprise Sales Intern Motorola Solutions Canada Inc July 13 2012 Motorola Solutions Canada IncIndustry Average Metrics 2012 1Industry Average Metrics July 13 2012MARKET RESEARCH INDUSTRY AVERAGE METRICS Executive Summary For the purposes of determining Industry Benchmarks research has been conducted to determine industry average open rates response rates opportunity generation rates etc see table below for marketing campaigns in which Motorola Solutions has either implemented or is under consideration This paper predominately consists of quantitative data and little qualitative data Due to inestimable variables that influence the metrics judgment should always be used when consulting this data This paper is sourced using MLA citation Objective Determine industry average metrics for various marketing campaigns Below is the guide breakdown of this paper Types ofmarketing campaigns Metrics found Email campaigns Contact reach rates Mobile campaigns Open reach rates Direct Mail campaigns Click Through Rates CTRs Telephone campaigns Response rates Printbanner campaigns Opportunity Generations rates White papers Lead qualification rates Webcasts Close rates EMAIL MARKETINGA net new listacquired and emailed for the first timeyields a 48 open rate and 1020 bounce rate The Challenge of Open Rates in B2b Email Marketing 2011Prospecting emails to fresh lists typically get open rates of 915 and CTRs of 2832 Marketo views open rates of 1620 as top performers The average CTR per Marketo is 215 with 5110 viewed as top performers Gospe 2012 A newsletter to a B2B house list is getting open rates of 1822 and CTRs of 311 This is coherent with Marketing Sherpas 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report in which 1500 survey respondents reported an average open rate of 23 for B2B newsletters and an 11 CTR Gospe 2012 Please refer to Appendix A for a comparison between B2B and B2C results yielded from newsletters A nonprofit organization sends a monthly newsletter to its house list and sees open rates of 2530 and CTRs of 46 Followup emails to webinar or event attendees get much higher results with one example of an open rate of 31 and CTR of 55 Gospe 2012 Motorola Solutions Canada IncIndustry Average Metrics 2012 2
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