Kins 140 Lecture 5 Prof Arnold

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Anne- Kristina Arnold

kins 140lecture 5 Infectious Disease 2September 22The Immune Systemcombating infectous diseasedevelopment of diseasesInnate Immunitydefenses our body has to address pathogen not to specific pathogenAcquired Immunityability to recognize specific foreign substancesThe bodys defenses against infectious diseasesexternalmechanical barriersskin depends on being unbroken healthy nutrition maintains turnovermucous membranes nasal and pubic hairs cilia eyelashesblinking sneezing coughing vomitingchemical defensessecretions sebum of skin saliva tears acid in gut genitalenzymes acidInternalgeneral systemic responsesinflammatory responsehistamine release from mast cellswelling to containinfection or injurycytokines provides msges to immune system to kick inFever cytokine pyrogenscan be harmful but paradoxically it can be protctiveincreased body temp by one or two degrees kills many agentsand increases white blood cell activity Acquired Immunitythe process of priming the body to remember an encounter with a specific antigenget the body to remember how to deal with a pathogenActivebody produces own way to recognize and deal with specific pathogen memory to get rid of itbuilds immunity
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