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Lecture 8

BUS 272 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Laissez-Faire, Glass Ceiling, S&P 500 Index

Business Administration
Course Code
BUS 272
Christopher Zatzick

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Inspirational Leadership
The focus is leader as communicator who inspires others to act beyond
Transactional Leader
Contingent reward
Management by expectation (active)
Management by expectation (passive)
Laissez faire
Transformational Leader
Idealized influence
Inspirational motivation: Communication high expectations
Intellectual stimulation: promotes intelligence, rationality
Individualized consideration: gives personal attentions, treats each employee
Not about them, it’s about the vision
Charismatic Leadership
Examines the status quo with a view to developing and articulating future
strategic goals or vision for the organization, and then leads organizational
members to achieve these goals through empowerment strategies.
Arise when they:
oFace a time of high uncertainty
oRisk taker, including self-sacrifice
oProvide a vision
oHave exceptional personal qualities
oAttract followers
Usually fade away when reality comes back, it’s about their ego and their
How many women make it to the top
Glass ceiling
Women comprises less than 5% of CEO positions in Fortune 500 and S&P
500 companies
oCause: stereotypes (prevent to be chosen or even try to)
oHow to change:
Ex.: Norway: getting women onto corporate boards (40% of
corporate board members must be women, vs 15% in North
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