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Business Administration
BUS 272
Lieke Brummelhuis

CHAPTER 1 WHAT IS ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOURA field of study that investigates the impact that individuals groups and structure have on behaviour within an organizationThe aim is to apply these knowledge to make a company for effective Behaviours can be found at individual level personalities group level diversity and organizational level type of work CHALLENGES IN THE CANADIAN WORKPLACE Challenges at individual level Individual differences oPersonalities characteristics morals valuesJob satisfactionoA positive feeling about ones job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristicsoMore job satisfaction less rates of turnover absenteeismMotivationEmpowermentoManagers are giving more responsibilities to the employees oThe roles of managers ad supervisors are vagueBehaving ethically oEmployees are facing ethical dilemmas and ethical choiceswhich they have to decide when its necessary to report wrong conductsChallenges at group level Working with othersWorkforce diversityoDifferent generations cultures race gender oPeople prefer different ways to solve problemsChallenges at the organizational level Improving customer serviceStimulating innovation and changeUse of temporary workersoMore free time take care of kids hobbiesImproving quality and productivityoProductivity a performance measure including effectiveness and efficiencyoEffectiveness the achievement of goalsoEfficiency the ratio of effective work output to the input required to produce work Developing effective employeeso the rate of absenteeism and turnoversoNeed employees that are good citizens helping others volunteering for extra events respectHelping employees have a balanced lifestyleCreating a positive work place oUsing the employees strengthResponding to globalizationoOutsourcing jobsoLowering costs improve qualityoKeep up with the world and technologyTHE BUILDING BLOCKS OF OBPsychology individualsoSeeks to measure explain and sometimes change the behaviour of humans and other animalsSocial psychologyinteraction between peopleoFocus on peoples influence on one anotheroStudies how change can implement and how it can reduce barriers to its acceptance Sociologygroups structure of the organization between the person and structureanthropologysociety observing customs oStudy of societies to learn about human beings and their activitiesRESEARCH METHODS IN OBField studiesoReal life organizationobserving what is going on in real lifeMeta analysisoCollect multiple studies that address the same question and make a conclusionoReliable because it includes all kinds of studiesSurvey studiesoQuestionnaires and interviews in sample populationCase studiesoIn depth studies of single situationLab studiesoSimulated and controlled setting like an experimentTHE RIGOUR OF OBDisciplines are starting point of theorybased researchoWhat tells theory about an OB topicOB looks beyond common senseoSystematic research based on scientific evidenceoOpen doors but also surprisesChallenge OBoThere is an explanation for every findingoOften dependent on the situation because it considers behaviour within the context in which it occurs
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