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IAT167-Week 10 Lecture 1 and 2.docx

Interactive Arts & Tech
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IAT 167
Jack Stockholm

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Week 10 Lecture 1 and 2
Level Design and Balancing
Game Mechanics
Player Starts with 10g
Placing a Tower costs 5g
Level Design
Level 1
3 waves
5, 10, 15 enemies
45pixels per second
15 spawn rate (frame wait time between enemies)
Reward 5g per kill
Delay between waves
Level 2
3 waves
10, 15, 3 enemies
5hp, 10hp, 60hp
45pps, 65pps, 25pps
15, 10, 8 spawn rate
Reward 5, 10, 20g
Delay between waves
Level Data Storage
External to the Code
Pro: Don’t have to compile to design levels
Con: Accessible to end-user (should be compiled in the end)
Internal Code Representation
Level Data Structure
Level Object
Vars: Level #, Delay between waves
Waves collection
Waves Object
Var #Enemies, Spawn Rate, EnemyHP, EnemySpeed, EnemyReward
Level Prep
Total Pixels to Travel on Map: 1425
Speed: 45 pixels per second
Total Time for Wave: 32s
Level Planning - Calculations
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