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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 167
Jack Stockholm

Week 10 Lecture 1 and 2 Level Design and Balancing Game Mechanics Player Starts with 10g Placing a Tower costs 5gLevel Design Level 1 3 waves 5 10 15 enemies 5hp 45pixels per second 15 spawn rate frame wait time between enemies Reward 5g per kill Delay between wavesLevel 2 3 waves 10 15 3 enemies 5hp 10hp 60hp 45pps 65pps 25pps 15 10 8 spawn rate Reward 5 10 20g Delay between wavesLevel Data Storage External to the Code Pro Dont have to compile to design levels Con Accessible to enduser should be compiled in the end Internal Code RepresentationLevel Data Structure Level Object Vars LevelDelay between waves Waves collection Waves Object Var Enemies Spawn Rate EnemyHP EnemySpeed EnemyRewardLevel Prep Total Pixels to Travel on Map 1425 Speed 45 pixels per second Total Time for Wave 32sLevel PlanningCalculations
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