IAT 202 Sound Design Lab

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Interactive Arts & Tech
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IAT 202
Susan Clements- Vivian

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Sweeping Process 6 steps 1. Spotting - watch film, determine what sound effects we need to use for that clip Typically separate ones for music and sound effects. No music for this assignment, so just for determining type of sound effects required for clip. Have in, out, time, duration, desc. 2. Gathering - get those sounds that you want. Can go out with field recorder and capture sounds, use foley (recording sound effects in studio, recreate sound effects you think you're hearing, no foley studio here), use samples (sound effects from a library, we have this! Can use in conjunction with field recording. Have to go to library, on Mac, click on Sound Effects on desktop, search) 3. EDL (Edit decision list, skip for this assignment). Final list of sound effects and music. 4. Lay down. Editing audio and syncing audio to specific actions/scenes. 5. Mix. Balancing, volume level, effects, pan. 6. Stamping audio to video. Export everything. Have rendered video with sound effects in it. Field Recorders: • Stereo: 2 channels of audio • Mono: 1 channel • Most sound effects are mono • Pan option to place sound in center (between 2 speakers), or pan hard left or hard right (feels like coming from one of the speakers). Also phantom stuff, beyond scope of course. Music always panned left and right. • All those settings in Menu: • Sound travels in waves (sin wave as example) • Cycles per second - frequency, hertz, Hz • Hearing range is between 20Hz (low, bass) and 20000Hz (high, treble) - as you get older, upper limit gets less and less. • Human voice around 1000 - 4000 Hz, bulk of frequency. Mid frequency range. • Bass requires a lot of air movement by speakers, cycles take long time to complete, very long • Sample rate • 44100Hz as example •
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