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IAT 309W
Chantal Gibson

IAT309w Lecture Notes Week 2 Ideology affects your way of thinking: personal, culture, religion, etc. -there is no single right answer, it’s the way you make your claim -don’t just assume that your audience already knows, you must explain it Discourse Perry’s scheme Duality-authorities give you the right answer Municipality-authorities give you tasks to get to the right answer Relativism-authorities are still working on getting the right answer Commitment to relativism -all options are equally good -authorities are less interested in the right answer Week 3 The elements for the foundation of a research topic General topic -> specific topic E.g. video games in education -> specific controversies Something tangible -> research topic E.g. Kinect -> physical education News source -> research topic Keep your eyes open -> research topic * Not too narrow or too general as you can only communicate one idea per paragraph The Three R’s of Research Recency -are you including the most recent research about your topic? -would a historical perspective be useful? Relevance -why am I using this? -how closely does it relate to your topic? Reliability -who is the author? -what is the author’s expertise? -what is the purpose of the document? -type of source? (scholarly, popular, government, etc.) Week 4 Characteristics of a Good Message Good character-citing sources, establishing good practices Good will-respect and relationship with your audience 3 Kinds of Dialogue According to Sharples 1) Readers direct response to the text -critique, analysis, evaluation of text 2) Internal Dialogue-writer anticipates readers -ask questions to empathize with others 3) Writer’s dialogue with society (culture, discourse community) -directly through subject matter -indirectly through language Week 5 Sharples Principles to Promote Understanding Don’t present an unwarranted belief as fact Provide justification for assertions Reference the source of ideas Don’t selectively ignore facts-offer information relevant to the argument Acknowledge limitations of the argument Present text in a form that is designed to assist, not mislead the writer Cite sources-accur
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