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PSYC 1030H
Brenda Smith- Chant

Psychology Chapter 13: Development over the Life Span Socialization: The process by which children learn the behaviours, attitudes, and expectations required of them by their society or culture Contact Comfort: In primates, the innate pleasure derived from close physical contact; it is the basis of the infant’s first attachment Telegraphic Speech: A child’s first word combinations, which omit unnecessary words Object Permanence: The understanding, which develops throughout the first year, that an object continues to exist even when you cannot see it or touch it Conservation: The understanding that the physical properties of objects, such as the number of items in a cluster or the amount of liquid in a glass, can remain the same even when their form or appearance changes Theory of Mind: A system of beliefs about the way one’s own mind and the minds of others work, and of how individuals are affected by their beliefs and feelings Power Assertion: A method of child rearing in which the parent uses punishment and authority to correct the child’s misbehaviour Induction: A method of child rearing in which the parent appeals to the child’s own
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