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Lecture 8

Psychology 3845 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Christiaan Barnard, Calcination, Organ Donation

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Psychology 3845
Barrett Louise

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Inventing a new death December 5th and 7th 2016
Death, biological reality institutional fact
- Margaret Locke Paper
- Biologically reality, we do run up against the real world. How we construct
knowledge, our social lives, and societies there is a biologically way we construct
it. There are ertai thigs e a’t de or aoided ad death is oe of the
- Death is a biologically unavoidable reality but John Snow? Calls it an institutional
fact. An institutional fact is something that only exists because everyone agrees
on its existence. Other examples of institutional facts: marriage and money
Questions we will look at
- What is the definition of death?
- Is it a moment or is it a process? How does entanglement with technology
influence this?
- You have to look at these things as a way of niche construction.
Coig to ters ith aother’s death aot help uderstad our on
- We a’t use the as i hih e uderstad other peoples death i as to
understand our own deaths
- What happens when we die is very different, end of friendships, relationships,
hobbies, etc. Your entire involvement in the world just stops. Whereas other
peoples death your life still goes on
- La Muerta by Pablo Neruda o atter hat ou a’t help ut go o liig, o
matter what
- The poit is oig to ters ith soeoe else’s death is it sipl does’t tell
us anything about our own death
Todd May Death
- Death is hat strutures hua life. Death is the ost iportat thig aout
us. We seem to be the only creatures who recognize that eventually we are
going to die
- We talk about and plan for the future but at the same time you come to realize,
as you get older that future is final. It will happen but it is uncertain.
- The fact we can recognize our own death is what makes us human, unlike other
animals that do not have that understanding
- The Will To Live - humans have this massive will to survive. Joe Simpson
- Our Sense of death is ongoing
- That it ill eer oe agai, Is hat akes life so seet Eil Dikiso
What we need to do is learning to live with death
- Death as an institutional fact, how humans invented death?
- Taylor discusses understanding death is looking at what it means to live in a
culture to what counts as respectable and what is not respectable
- Caialis, eause eatig people is rog: We ould’t just take a ite of a
dead person on the street because we see cannibalism as a truly disrespectable
act to do to another human being.
- People of New Guinean eat the brains of the people who have died, this is a
funeral right.
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