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Mass Markets and Art photography ch 6 notes

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Art History
ART H210
Andrea Korda

Exam info Next Wednesday y Matching of terms list of photographers and match up their names y Short answer questionparagraph or bullet points y Essay question with two questions and only answer one of them Studies of human expression and medical photography Human expressions Duchenne de boulgneusing photography for research on human expression y In 1862 84 photographs for his book mechanism of human physiognomy using electricity to stimulate facial muscles yModel had some condition that he didnt have feeling in his face y Photograph an expression with shorter exposure Doctor wasnt a photographer he hired a photographery Put his own images next to works of art and he is showing that works of art dont replicate expression art falls short of representing life y Art draws on the imagination and the ideal drawing on this ideaStudy done by Charles Darwin not a photographer but used images of photographers like DuchenneThe expression of the emotions in man and animals 1872y Wanted to show that humans and animals had similar expressions and emotional statesy This would support his hypothesis that humans evolved from animalsy Reproduced as engravings yImportant to Darwin to use photographs because of accuracy and transparency would help his point y Hired oscer rilanderand Duchenne printed by heliotype Process where the negative would be transformed into a relief so they could be printedy Actors hired to act out the expressions Kindermanny Important to photograph babies because they are pure y These were a challengeGinxs babyy Was a character in a novel y We know this was his because he sold it as a standalone imageas well as putting it into Darwins book y Neutrality and truthfulness was used to define the medium y It was mechanical photographer didnt need to intervene however we continually see that photographers are manipulating for a more convincing photo
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