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Lecture 16

MARK301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Direct Marketing

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Utku Akkoc

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Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing
Direct and Digital Marketing
direct and digital marketing - engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and
customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer
tailor content and needs to narrowly defined segments or individual buyers
builds customer engagement, brand community, and sales
The New Direct Marketing Model
early direct marketers gathered names and sold mainly by mail and telephone
now often described as direct distribution - contains no intermediaries
using brand sites and social media to engage customers
Rapid Growth of Direct and Digital Marketing
have become the fastest growing forms of marketing
continues to become more internet based
digital direct marketing claiming a surging share of marketing spending and sales
total digital marketing spending now accounts for the second largest share of media spending
Benefits of Direct and Digital Marketing to Buyers and Sellers
for buyers
direct and digital marketing convenient, easy, and private
anywhere anytime access to almost unlimited assortment of goods and wealth of product and
buying information
buyers can interact with sellers by phone, on the site, or app
digital marketing provides sense of brand engagement and community
for sellers
provides a low cost, efficient, speedy alternative for reaching markets
cant target small groups or individual customers
can interact with customers by phone or online, learn their needs, personalize products and
offers greater flexibility - allow ongoing adjustments to prices and program, immediate, timely
and personal announcements and offers
opportunity for real time marketing that links brands to important moments and trending events
in customers lives
Forms of Direct and Digital Marketing
traditional direct marketing:
face-to-face selling
direct-mail marketing
catalogue marketing
direct-response TV marketing
kiosk marketing
digital marketing tools:
online marketing - websites, online ads and promos, email, online video, blogs
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