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Judy Liao

Jan 11 – Basics Of Instruction Coaching/Teaching Competencies • Value – ability to develop, communicate and negotiate personal value and belief (concerns questions such as What is sport for you? What do you want to achieve via teaching sport? • Leadership – ability to influence others to willingly accept the set goal and purpose, as well as work toward the end (what is the sources of your leadership (ex. Position, knowledge.. what is your leadership styles?) • Problem solving – ability to analyze situation, identify and choose potential solutions and put them into action • Interaction/intervention – ability to communicate effectively, interact with others, give and receive feedback, and resolve conflicts (Foster interactions between you and students as well as manage interaction among them) • Critical reflection – ability to reflect on actions and assess outcome and to adjust future actions (what were the contents of the session? Were the contents effective in facilitating the learning? What did you do as a coach in the session? Was the demonstration/drill/feedback effective?) Coaching Process Plan  Delivery  Review  Evaluate – repeat Planning • Goals • Safety • Structures Before Goal Setting: Your Teaching/Coaching Philosophies 1.) Foundation upon which and how decisions are made – ethics. What ought to be done and how. 2.) Derived from negotiation between personal belief systems and organizational objectives a.) Athletes/student centered b.) Team/class centered – trying to cater to the ideal/average student in the class c.) Coach/teacher centered – where you try to get the student to follow your ideas and model d.) Program centered – where you try to follow the already set program 3.) Concern communication styles employed a.) Authoritarian/ Sergeant – The do as I say style b.) Hand-off – The scenario where the coach allows the athletes to work between themselves to solve the problems c.) Reciprocal – democratic style. Negotiation between student and coach. 4.) Communicated through goals setting Goal Setting Why? 1.) Provide focus 2.) Motivate participants 3.) Establish standards for evaluation Communicate goals: SMART – Specific – be clear about what the goal is and whom it is set for Measureable: Us “doing” words (ex. Demonstrate, explain..) so it can be measured Attainable: consider your participants Realistic: contexts under which they will be “doing” Time bound: Ex. By the end of this term… Ex of a goal: students in the class will be able to accurately perform basic long/short serves shots in a game situation with a 75% success rate in the end of the week. Safe Environment 1.) Court inspection and court etiquettes a.) Potential hazards b.) Problematic behaviours c.) Action plan – know what to do when certain situations happen 2.) Appropriate equipment a.) Size, age, and skill appropriate b.) Functionality – make sure its not broken 3.) Warm up and cool down a.) Prevent injury b.) Warm up should progress from lower intensity to higher, and from smaller movements to bigger c.) Cool-down should progress from higher to lower, from dynamic to static Lesson Planning 3 Factors 1.) Conditions: goals, resource, venue (spatial arrangement), time 2.) Level: levels of participants 3.) Contents: shots, drills, structures, and class organizations Class Organization • A sport/exercise lesson usually consists of 3 main section: 1.) Warm up and cool down 2.) Instruction 3.) Drills: skill practices and modified games • Multi-use of students: maximize the number of players on the court. Use drills involving a feeder, hitter and retriever Design Drills • Pu
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