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Physical Activity
Joel Edwards

Oct 4 - Teaching Basketball Teaching Effective teaching has 3 distinct phases: • Presentation • Application • Feedback Independent Learning: • To carefully consider each player’s individual development characteristics when presenting material to athletes – use task cards, videotapes, and charts • Using videotapes to analyze a single skill, cover skills appropriate to player’s ability, feature competent demonstrators, are of good quality, highlight points to look for, have founter numbers so that players can easily locate specific segements of the tape, contain an appropriate soundtrack Application Phase Drills • Should provide ooportunies for plenty of perfect practice • Players must learn how to perform a drill before they can focus on the tasks in a drill • Drills must correspond with players abilities, interests, and experience • Drills must be purposeful to encourage players to keep working on a particular task • Drill must be progressive so that skills are ordered correctly • Drills must be paced – long enough for skills to improve but not so long that players are bored • Drill must be participatory – that is, all players must be actively involved in the drill • Drills should be part of a progression that leads to game-like drills • A typical drill should last 5-15 minutes Case Studies • Involve all players • Facilitate the discussion of the case under study • Base the case on realistic situations Feedback • Simple verbal confirmation of correctness (ex. Nice shot Joe) • Positive feedback with specific info (ex. Nice shot Joe. The ball was placed perfectly on the backboard) • Positive, non-verbal feedback (smile, thumbs up etc) • Sandwich feedback (thats good. Your elbow is out but you’re really improving) use a ratio of 80:20 of potive to negative feedback • Use of preset standards (ex. Making 8 of 10 layups) • Handouts containing correct or suggested response. Keep such material short and relevant Wootens 6 coaching challenges 1.) All your success is dependent on the ability of other people 2.) Coaches are evaluated by everyone 3.) Everyone feels they have knowledge about coaching sports 4.) The highs are incredibly high and the lows are amazingly low 5.) The coach has a personal relationship with every player and has a dramatic impact on every player’s life
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