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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

Oct 17 and 19 – Assessment of Motivation When we only study the environment, we don't give enough credit to the individual Interactionist Assessment of Motivation Position: to fully understand motivated behaviour, we need to account for the interaction between the person and the situation Research Example – Sheppard and Sorrentino Used an interactionist paradigm. The best way to understand human behaviour is understand the characteristics of the persona nd the environment. Theoretical grounding in “Affiliation Motivation” • Defined as the “concern over establishing, maintaining, or restoring a positive affective relationship with another person” (pg. 704) people who are driven to have positive relationships*** know for exams! Two types of “affiliation motives” 1.) Approval oriented: the need to gain social approval is stronger than the need to avoid social rejection (healthy motivation) these people love the opportunity to form positive relationships. They conform to the opportunity to have a positive relationship but don't care if they have that positive relationship 2.) Rejection – threatened: the need to avoid social rejection is stronger than the need to gain social approval (unhealthy motivation). These people are driven by fear and this can have destructive consequences. They are afraid of being criticised, singled out and not making relationships with others. These 2 constructs drive motivated behaviour Hypothesis • Group/team s
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