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University of Alberta
Deanna Singhal

February 3, 2014 Metabotropic receptor can release a G protein and the breakdown of the G protein can have many different effects. Metabotropic receptors could also cause the opening of an ion channel, however it will take longer than an ionotropic receptors. Reuptake and Enzymatic Degradation -as long as NT is in the synapse, it is “active” -Reuptake – recycling - there is transporters on the presynaptic neuron that pumps NT back into the presynaptic neurons back into vesicles to be used again -Enzymatic Degradation – enzymes break down the NT and change the overall shape so that the NT can’t bind with a receptor anymore Acetylcholine has no reuptake process; it is only broken down via enzymatic degradation -Most NT’s go through both processes In order for moment to moment communication to happen, you must allow the NT to be released and then once the postsynaptic neuron has received sufficient NT, you need to clean out the synaptic cleft for the next “set” of NT to be released without raising the levels of NT too high otherwise we can develop maladaptive tendencies. Glial Function and Synaptic Transmission -Astrocytes appear to communicate and modulate neuronal activity -Some communication is through gap junctions between cells -these gap junctions are not specific to any ions, and they are generally large enough to allow anything through them -gap junctions are between two neurons and allow communication for two neurons through passive forces Classes of NT’s - (1) Amino Acids o Usually found at fast-acting directed synapses in CNS - Glutamate
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