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Hist13 Constitutional and Absolute Monarchies.pdf

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University of Guelph
HIST 1010
Christine Ekholst

Oct 25 2012 The Early Modern World Absolute and Constitutional Monarchy Elizabeth I r15581603Reinstated the crown as the head of the church instead of the PopeCalvinist and catholic views in prayer booksChurch pretty much catholicPuritans o Wanted a reform along protestant lines o Wanted to change the hierarchy of the church o Presbyterians o Wanted local churches to be governed by councils presbyteriesthe Virgin Queenchose James I as her successor son of Mary Queen of Scots James I r 16031625Union between England and Scotlandcaused problems financial difficulties general taxes not enough to make them go by The Parliamentthe right to impose taxesKings and Queens of England needed to govern with the parliamentRulers tried to avoid working with the parliament could counter the monarchyTried to use other means to get money monarchy Crowns rightsresourcesCustoms duties exports and importsOwned own land that they could sell o Dissolved monasteries lands sold offSale of MonopoliesSale of titlesJames I exhausted these techniques to get moneyParliament expected to be apart of governingCharles I r 16251649Religious policiesAnglican church held both catholic and protestant viewsEmphasized the catholic side of the protestant church rituals didnt believe in predestinationRules for seven years without summoning the parliamentScots largely Presbyterian tried to enforce own religious policies Scotland rebelled and invaded EnglandNeeded money to have army finally decided to call parliament The Long Parliament 16401653Took advantage of king weak position
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