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Lecture 3

MICR 2420 Lecture 3: Lecture 3_Bacteria

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MICR 2420
Lucy Mutharia

Lecture 3: Bacteria Why is microbiology important? Beer, wine, cheese Soy sauce Yogurt Tabasco sauce And other fermented foods Agriculture Medicine Biotechnology Astrobiology Buildabacterialcell workshop 3. Outer membrane option: Gram negative What you get: DNA Ribosomes Cytoplasm Plasma membrane Thin cell wall (1 or 2 sheets of peptidoglycan) Outer membrane (contains lipopolysaccharide) There are antigens sticking out of the cell Basic Gram Negative Option Pros Able to defend itself against a wide range of toxic molecules due to the outer membrane The membrane has pores that are connected to pumps that pump out harmful material More resistant to antibiotics Has a builtin storage compartment the periplasmic space Space for bacteria to store preformed molecules Resistant to osmotic lysis A wide range of pleasing shapes to choose from Same shapes as gram positive Available in Gram stained red! Do not stain violet since there is not enough peptide Cons Toxic if not handled correctly Requires a bigger genome to make the more complex cell wall can be expensive to maintain Gram Negative Models Ecoli is a standard microbe used in labs Some strains of helicobacter pylori cause stomach ulcers Stomach ulcers can be cured by antibiotics Is the first microbe listed as a carcinogen Causes cancer by interacting with host cells
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