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Lecture 3

Week 3's lecture notes for al 3 classes

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University of Guelph
NUTR 1010

Nutrition Week 3January 23 2012 Carbohydrates Sugar Starch and FibreContinued from Friday Constipation You are likely constipated if o If you strain or have hard stools with more thanof defecations AND o If you have fewer than 3 defecationsweekMay be accompanied by abdominal pain bloating gas Causes of Constipation Traveling schedule disruptionChanges in diet eg insufficient fibre fluidSide effects of some medications eg antidepressantsLack of physical activityperistalsisDisorders affecting nervous system o Eg Parkinsons spinal cord injury Managing Constipation Treat underlying condition fiber intake soluble and insoluble but do so gradually fluid intake minimum 2000 mLd510 svgd of fruitsveg5 svgd of whole grainseg breakfast cereal with 23 g fibresvgRegular physical activityperistalsisProbiotics may help tooCarbohydrates Chapter 4What are carbohydratesDigestion and absorptionGlycemic IndexWhy do we need carbohydratesDietary recommendationsSweetenersDisorders related to carbohydrate metabolism What are Carbohydrates CHO One of three energycontaining macronutrientsContain carbon hydrogen and oxygen o CHOSimple and complex CHO o Simple CHO are monosaccharides and disaccharideso Complex CHO contain 100d to 1000s of glucose molecules polysaccharideso Glucose is the most abundant sugar energy sourceSoluble Fibre
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