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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Cultural Context of Violence Social factors are more important in explaining aggression than personality factors Violence Around the World 5 murders per 100 000 peoplenonviolent society Japan China Canada5 murders per 100000 peoplemedium level of aggression US only western industrialized society that falls into this category10 or over murders per 100000 peopleMexico Panama20 or moreRussia Puerto Rico Very high levelEl Salvador Swaziland Highlights Human beings have a wide range of capacity when it comes to aggression highlights the impact of our culture and context in human aggression Frequency of Violence Statistics on murder rates according to InterpoloNorway 9 per 100000 oCanada 18 per 100000oUSA 56 per 100000 oRussia 220 per 100000oSouth Africa 559 per 100000 oNew Guinea 683 per 100000 the most violent society Types of Violence Types of violence differ across culture oUSA gun related violence and it tends to involve individuals rather group individual violence oMiddle East Africa Eastern Europe and parts of South America groups attacks in political ethnic tribal conflict form oEurope violent mobs during footballA phenomenon referred to as football hooliganism NonViolent Societies Balinese Indonesian island of Balipeople believe that being peaceful is an important characteristics engaging in an argument is not considered assertiveInuit Arctic RegionsPromotes helpfulness rejects aggressive behavior high focus on controlling angerTibetan Buddhist society in northern India Zapotec Native American society in Southern MexicoCommonalitythe values that their culture uphold in terms of preventing aggression they value being in harmony with the group focus on controlling ones anger strongly oppose competition EcologyAggressive Behavior
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