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Lecture 46

LING 1200 Lecture 46: Lecture 46

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LING 1200
Erin L.Wilkinson

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• Fatigue (associated with traffic accidents, lower grades in school, etc) Sleep Disorders: -Insomnia: problems getting to sleep due to chronic pain, stress and anxiety or psychological disorders. -Sleep Apnea: interrupted/stopped breathing while asleep. -Narcolepsy: uncontrollably falling asleep/sleepiness during the daylight hours. (ex: the Narcoleptic Dog) *Vicious Cycle: Fatigue/Depression→ Increased Anxiety about Sleep→ Difficulty Sleeping→ Panic/Negative Thoughts→ Increased Arousal→ Poor Sleep... (Fatigue/Depression) Aserinsky & Kleitman (1955), Dement (1995) -Rapid Eye Movement (REM) occurs while people sleep. REM`s are associated with specific patterns of brain activity (can be measured with an EEG) Ultradian Rhythms: cycles every 1.5 hours. -Consists of: a period of REM sleep (ranges a few minutes-1 hour) alternating with a period of less eye movements (NREM). NREM sleep lasts the remainder of the cycle. Stages of NREM Sleep: 1.Light sleep, edge of consciousness, associated with SMALL and IRREGULAR brain waves ! Theta Waves 2.Deeper sleep, associated with short bursts of ac
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