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MKT 2210
Subbu Sivaramakrishnan

Chapter 10:Individual and group behaviour Personally is the total pattern of an individual's thoughts,feelings and behaviours. Individual's personally should be compatible with the task,the organisation's culture and other personalities in the team.When incompatibilities occur,manager has three options:restore compatibility(reassigning task),achive a compromise(encourage individuals to understand and modify themselves) or remove the incompatible personality(weed out them from the team). Perception is the process by which the brain selects and organises information in order to make sense of it.Perception may be determined by:The context(people see what they want to see),The nature of the stimuli(our attention tends to be drawn to large,bright,loud,unfamiliar,moving and repeated stimuli) and Internal factor(attention is drawn to stimuli that match our personality). Be aware of the most common clashes of perception at work:Managers and staff,work cultures,race and sex. Group is any number of people who interact with one another,psychologically aware of one another and perceive thenselves to be a group. Individuals behave differently in groups due to factors such as:social influence,group influence and group process. Social influences include social facilitation(individuals perform better in the presence of others) and social loafing(size of group increases,individual effort decreases). Group influences include group conformity(groups establish group norms to help the group to function),group cohesion(sum of all forces that attract members to group) and group polarisation(distort group decision-making,resul
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