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Lecture 79

PHIL 1200 Lecture 79: Lecture 79

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

o982 Some of us might find adultery absolutely unacceptable and worthy of severe punishment How can one make a universal rule about this? Would that not require a knowledge of every belief and desire of every person? Kant’s answer to this (at least the way Velleman seems to understand him) People who have diverging moral views must have them for a reason If they do not, then their actions do not have any moral basis if they merely say, for example, “I just don’t mind adultery”, or :I just hate adultery”, this cannot count as a reason We can never deviate about such a thing and acting on the basis of feelings and desires just brings us back to the state of the wanton When we try to figure out which action is objectively right, what we should do is try to think about possible reasons and evaluate them The important thing is that we exclude reasons of the kind “because that how I feel like” (which are not really reasons, or in any case are not good reasons) and on
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