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Lecture 11

SOC 1200 Lecture 11: Lecture 11

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University of Manitoba
SOC 1200
Susan Miller

oS98 2) responding to deviance clarifies moral boundaries  3) responding to serious deviance brings people together 4) deviance encourages social change Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Kai Erikson Puritans – highly religious group o Create deviance to declare moral boundaries Merton’s Strain Theory Deviance depends on the extend to which society provides the means (i.e. schooling, jobs) to achieve cultural goals (financial success) Conformity – pursuing cultural goals through approved means Culture puts high emphasis on wealth without enough opportunities to attain it,  creating strain (leads to deviance) o Innovation = using unconventional means to achieve a culturally approved goal o Ritualism = believe achieving cultural goal is impossible, but still follow conventional means to feel respectable Lost sight of true goal Retreatism = rejection of both cultural goals and means – “drop out” (alcoholic, street people) Rebellion = reject both cultural definition of success and conventional means of achieving it, and form a counterculture that supports alternatives to existing social order Deviant Subcultures Crime also results from readily accessible illegitimate opportunity (Cloward and  Ohlin) Deviance or conformity arises from the relative opportunity structure that frames a  person’s life Illegal opportunities foster the development of criminal subcult
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