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Rebecca Rooney

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-1.5x10^6 so far
-Bacteria and archaea - still many undiscovered
-Many species are missed bc they are rare
How many species are there?
-Highest at the tropics, decreases towards poles
Where is biodiversity highest?
-Regions that are extraordinarily species-rich or have a high level of endemism
-Important for finding factors that lead to high biodiversity
-Focus for conservational efforts
-Rate of extinction is increasing
-Change in biggest threats - habitat destruction, global climate change
Why are current extinction rates so high?
-Many keystone predators need large habitats
-Forced metapopulations- Individuals may not be able to disperse
-Creates "edge" habitat
Habitat loss: deforestation
-Marine protected areas work
-US endangered species act
-Educating women in senegal - less shark harvesting
-Wetland conservation
What's being done to help it?
Endemism - species only found in one specific area
-Warmer, drier, more exposed
-More subject to invasion by weeds
-Lower quality
-Lower fixed carbon
-Small pop'ns more vulnerable to disturbances
-Small pop'ns cause inbreeding depression, genetic drift
Biodiversity and Conservation
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