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BIOL 273
Norman Scott

Electrical potential in nerve cells - inside of cells is a bit negative compared to surrounding fluid - concentration of water is same outside and inside caused by an asymmetrical distribution of ions between the two compartments: Distribtion of solutes in the body fluid compartments Plasma: liquid part of the blood (blood without cells) Interstitial fluid: liquid that surrounds almost all of the cells that are not in contact with blood Intracellular fluid (c ): cytoplasm (wt is inside each cell) - Plasma and interstitial fluid has the same concentrations for Na+, K+, Ch-, HCO -3 o EXCEPT for large anions(metabolites, nucleic acids, big molecules) and proteins o Plasma and interstitial fluid are therefore called extracellular fluid o summary of graph:  Na+, Cl-, Ca++ ions are more concentrated in the ECF  K+, proteins and organic metabolites more concentrated in the cytoplasm  This distribution maintained by two factors 1) Ions of Na+ and K+ are actively
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