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“No Logo” – Naomi Klein

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Brian Orend

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 “No Logo” – Naomi Klein - Brands globalization resistance - Mid 90’s issue: global shifts around free trade and corporate consolidation - What were the conditions that caused globalization? o Idea that gripped corporate world o Lifestyle branding – had to understand that their true product was not their product, it was an idea, meaning and lifestyle o It explains new marketing campaigns focused more on young people - No logo: spirit to describe anti-corporate resistant - All kinds of products that used to be produced locally (trust-based between farmer and shop owner) started becoming produced far away coming off of trains (industrial revolution) - Companies understood that they could sell lifestyles/ideas instead of products (Coca Cola (youth), Disney (selling the American dream), Nike (core idea was about nature of sports – athletic ability connected to the American dream) - Virgin – not selling a product, selling an idea: virgin type person, wanting individuality - The Body Shop – environmental idea - Ikea – democracy: being able to build your own products - Companies market their products by what consumers are thinking while consuming the product: o Car companies – not just the car features are important, what people liked to do in the car: listening to music, singing etc… - Companies pushing their own boundaries to create a mega brand and create more products o Disney: reached branders honours by creating Disney branded town (Celebration Florida) community o Reaching this level  they have become a monopoly - Taking choice out of the equation (turning on the tv when commercials are on) marketing companies try to take choice out of the equation o Power of marketing is the power of getting someone’s attention o Advertising companies are always competing to get our attention - Capitalist cultures where the rules of the market do not apply - Fewer places where we can relate of each other as non-consumers (without having any sort of consumerism) o Malls: look like a town square type atmosphere o Schools: bombarded with consumerism - Walmart branding idea is family store – like Disney but brand identity clashes with artistic expression (selling explicit cds or products) No Jobs – the discarded factory - Nike: contract and sub-contract companies produce the Nike shoes (export processing factories) - designed workforce to control women and make them unstable o Zones are guarded by security o And dominant age is 18-25 mostly females o Didn’t come from surrounding areas, came from far away and the reason is because when you take women away from their family, they become vulnerable - Korea and Taiwan: factories for Nike – the workers unionized and the wages went up o Nike moved to China, Philippines, and Vietnam - Countries outbidding each other for who can abuse their workers the most (bringing work to developing countries idea is false) - Two largest employers in US is Manpower and Walmart – a lot of temporary jobs Tuesday, March 20, 2012 o Service sector jobs (temporary job, mall jobs that have replaced the manufacturing jobs) not real job: no benefits, no job security Anti-Corporate Activism & Reclaiming the Streets - These brands have become known for globalization - How to buy products ethically? o Very hard o Support businesses that support fair trade (instead of free trade) corporations - Corporations believe that globalization will be good for everyone (what is good for corporations will be good for everyone) - Movements and protests today are about reclaiming the commons and market (G20) o “The world is not for sale” o People aren’t waiting for rights that are already ours (that’s why protests are occurring) o We have a say in controlling public resources - Klein says it’s a threat of democracy/public space because market values come to trump everything (how we relate to each other, and become consumers - Self indulgent cocoons “cocooning”- marketing term Globalization - Globalization: increasing widening and deepening of interconnections between national economies, especially since the end of WW2 (1945), but especially since the end of the Cold War (1991). Inter-connection economically (especially trade “No Logo” – the parts of the shoe, are manufactured in different parts of the world and are exported to the US) but also culturally and socially. - Historical Note: there have been previous eras of relative globalization and they all came to an end (especially in 1815-1914: UK as pro-free-trade “hegemon”; (dominant control in a given market – Coca Cola is the hegemon in the Cola world) huge tech progress (radio, car, telephone); peace and stability; mass consumer culture etc.) Pros and Cons of Globalization: PROS CONS - 20% increase in overall international wealth - Interconnection can also be a drag (Greece’s (GDP) when you engage in international trade debt crisis & worldwide financial markets) - Greater exposure to cultural diversity - Some associate it with US dominance - Greater exposure to the diversity of goods (e.g. - Relatedly, others argue globalization produce “foodies”) eliminates cultural diversity over time (Naomi - Interconnection strong dis-incentive to go to Klein: “McWorld”; big-box sabarbia conquers war (European Union) – tying economies step the world) by step - Globalization, or “Big Trading Blocs”??? – Free trade within but not free trade between (rise of three huge trading blocs, not actually globalization) - There are still winners and losers (the global poor – agriculture, service sector, the non- connection (global digital divide – people
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