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Islamic Belief Creation, The Quran, The Five Major Prophets

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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110001 Lecture 15 Islamic Belief Thursday November 11 2010CreationHierarchical structure of the universeAll creation fulfills its purpose and design by submitting to AllahHuman NatureNo concept of human sinful natureNatural inner capacity toward faith pure religion of Abraham original state of purity or innocenceSin is a matter of forgetfulness negligenceAdam father of humanity but also first sinner Adam violated the principle of submission Islam to God by his disobedience Kafir a person who forgets conceals sinsA kafir is a mushrik one who associates other things with Allahidolatry Keeping laws in Judaism and Islam are more important theologically than Christianity in regards to sin The Quran114 SurahsQuran means reciting recitationOrigin First revelationNight of Power 610Revealed to Muhammad over 20 year periodRevelationdivine origin authorityAll surahs revealed in Mecca except in
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