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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

psyc 320 lecture 54 By the end of today’s class you should be able to: 1. Explain cultural variation in sex differences in mortality 2. Discuss sex differences in morbidity rates across the life span among Canadians 3. Describe the relationship between sex differences in morbidity and gender equality Are there sex differences in mortality and morbidity (cont.)? • Sex differences in life expectancy are more variable in developing countries than in developed countries. Nevertheless, in the vast majority of countries, females outlive males • Today lifestyle diseases are the primary causes of death among Canadians • Particularly large sex difference in Russia • More variability in life expectancy in developing countries • InAfrica there are reduced sex differences and reversed sex differences in Botswana and Zimbabwe with men out living women • Are there sex differences in mortality and morbidity? • * Russia has alcoholism problems, socially pervasive, especially after the break down of Soviet Union. (You answered this question!!! Yay!) • * Breakdown of Soviet Union lead to economic instability and men took the brunt of the blow and had higher levels of higher rates of depression, suicide and homicide. The male gender role directly correlated with higher rates of mortality in Russia. Icrease of cardiomyopathy because of alcohol consumption. • * Son preference in Botswanaand Zimbawe, and as children age the neglect of girls lead to higher rates of mortality for women and less for women. HIV in particular has been proposed in life expectancy inAfrica with men living more than women because of poverty, maternal infanticide, affect women more than man in developing countries. Women 15-49 HIV is the greatest killer worldwide. 30-40% of population in Zimbabwe have HIV. • *African culture is based on tribal societies with a polygamous society centered on the male. Males who live in the rural areas will move to the cities and will have second wives in the city. They are a source of HIV transmission, and visiting prostitutes is common. • * Dry sex inAfrica is optimal. Lubrication is not optimal and is thought to be less attractive. Dry vaginas have more of a chance of micro cuts and women are also not able to say no to sex. Their gender role is not permitted to refuse sexual activity. Culturally inappropriate to ask men to wear condoms. Women who carry condoms violate the gender role. Pervasive myth that having sex with a virgin will cure a man of his HIV. Sex education begins at age of 5. These sexual programs started by the government based on sexual equality. • * Research suggests that they are not highly effective because societal attitudes have not changed • * Today “lifestyle” diseases are the primary causes of death among Canadians • * Ex: diet, substance abuse, sedentary lifestyle • * The mortality rate for the 5 top causes of death in Canada is higher among males and females. Males are worse than females. • * Cancer, Men: lung, colon, prostate. Females: lung, breast, colon and rectal • *
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