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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 lecture 59 By the end of today’s class you should be able to: 1. Review gender-related factors that contribute to sex differences in mortality and morbidity 2. Define the nurturant role hypothesis 3. Define the terms agency, unmitigated agency, communion, and unmitigated communion and discuss their relationships with physical health 4. Discuss sex differences in rates of depression What factors account for sex differences in health (cont.)? 3. Gender related factors (cont): The nurturant role: women who are maried or mothers are more exposed to infectious disease. Females are socialized to take care of others. This may contribute to higher rates of morbidity among females Expansionist model: occupying multiple roles is advantageous and demonstrate better well being the highest level of well being among employed, married fathers women with multiple roles are less likely to report their illness (so it appears that they are healthier, when in fact they arent) Gender related traits: agency: positive masculinity; focus on self and separation; ex. attributed: self-confident, independent. Agency is associated with greater physical activity, greater perceived health, fewer physical symptoms, and better health unmitigated agency: negative masculinity; focus on self to the exclustion of others. ex. attributes: boastful, arrogant. Unmitigated agency is associated with feelings of invulnerability and greater risk taking, both of which contribute to illness and death communion: positive femininity; focus on relationships with others and connection. ex attributes: empathetic, kind, sympathetic, warm. Communion is unrelated to physical health unmitigated communion: negative femininity; focus on others to the exclusion of oneself. ex attributes: neglect of self, overinvolvement with others, sense of well being is largely dependent on others--characteristic of the nurturant role, submissive. Unmitigated communion is associated with poorer health practices, more p
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