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Media and Communication Studies
MACS 110
Sherry Yu

MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theories Prof: Sherry Yu University of the Fraser Valley Fall 2013 Term Week 1: Communication Theory Introduction Communication  Mass Communication o Large audience using technology  Interpersonal Communication o Between 2-3 people o Face to Face conversation  Mediated Communication o Conversation between few or many o Employs technology Media  Traditional o Newspaper, radio, cable TV  New o Social media (Facebook, Twitter), blogs, websites Theory  “any organized set of concepts, explanations, and principles of some aspects of human experience” (page 11). Communication Theory  Organized concept that explains, understands and predicts how and what we communicate to mass audiences. Examples  Violent images in games affect kids negatively  TV has negative correlation to children’s behaviour  News portrayal of ethnic groups as stereotypes  Social media reduces face-to-face interactions Communication Theories  Postpositivist Theory o Concept of fixed reality reve
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