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ADM MIDTERM NOTES CHAPTER 17Chapitre 1 Business create a growing economy produces more goods and services but uses fewer resources over timeengine for growthBusiness all profitseeking activities and enterprises that provide goods and services necessary to an economy system Profits rewards for business people who take risks involved to offer goods and services to customersChapter 7 Management the process of achieving organizational goals through people and other resourcesTop managementChief executive office chief financial officer Premier MayorDevelop longrange strategic plans for the organizationInspire executives and employees to achieve their vision for the companys futureneed mostly conceptual and human skillsMiddle management Regional manager division head director deanFocus on specific operations products or customer groups within an organizationresponsible for developing detailed plans and procedures to implement the firms strategic plansNeed mostly human skills some conceptual and sometechnicalSupervisory firstline management Supervisor Department Chairperson Program managerImplement the plans developed by middle managersResponsible for nonmanager employeesMotivate workers to accomplish daily weekly and monthly goalsNeed mostly human skills and technical skillsSkills needed Technical skills managers ability to understand and use the techniques tools knowledge and equipment of a specific department or area of study
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