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Biopharmaceutical sciences
William Ogilvie

BPS 1101: Review on “Love & Attraction”  pheromones produce unlearned, specific response in some species - female silkworm moth secretes bombykol, male has specialized antennae to sense - pheromones are used for pest control - periplanone is most potent pheromone (cockroach) - flowers use pheromones to attract insects - chiloglottis trapezi formis for wasp - ophrys exaltata for bees - overlapping pheromones in elephant and butterfly - female dogs in heat secrete methyl paraben (most common preservative) - androsterone in truffles, pigs (+ boar spray), also in human sweat (thought to relax women) st - Andron was 1 perfume to use androstenone - axe contains this as well - Skatole produced by oral and intestinal bacteria - bad in large amounts, great in small amounts - “civetole” is what it’s called in perfumes (Civet Oil) - naturally present in flowers, used as artificial flavor - Musk comes from musk deer (muscone) - endangered so we use musk ketone - Axe contains this as well  Phenethylamine released during romantic love increases dopamine levels - phenethylamine found in chocolate (dietary PEA can’t enter brain) - increased dopamine causes decreased serotonin
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