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Lecture 5

CMN3174 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Netflix, Consumerism, Southern Baptist Convention

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Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 5
The mass communication system tells us about what the think of each other
Before any woman couldn’t get anything without male approval
Now women are outgoing / educated more than men.
Feminism in general has been subject to an incredible amount of hostility
because they are a challenge to male power.
Capitalism is a system that reproduces male power
!Most lawyers, leaders, politicians are men
!Most violence is directed towards women
What ads do is they tell us something
!What’s appropriate behavior for men and women
Ads and mass media perpetuates (preserves) culture assumptions
!Shared values and meanings produces shared patterns of
Ads are breaking completely the moral boundaries of civilization over
1000s of years.
Putting things up on the internet anonymously
!High end transmission
!Low end conformity
Power of women is represented as sexual object for articulation.
Position of hyper-sexualized act is maintained.
Women power is rising
!But the male owned representation system responses to this as
women = sexual objects.
!This male owned representation system symbolically degrades
!Relationship between rising status and pornografication of women
Feminism isn’t an issue at all
!It is a profiled system outside mainstream.
Equal rights amendments
!States – defeated by religious Southern Baptist women
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