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Lecture 16

ENG3340 Lecture 16: March 23 - End of Paradise Lost

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University of Ottawa
Victoria Burke

March 23, 2017 – end of Paradise Lost Book 11 – The Book of faith The Son’s intercession (1-207) • line 19 – stress on son’s role • line 21 – intercede • line 22-30 – metaphor, fruits, Prayers as fruits. Gardening metaphors o regeneration o better fruits than Adam could’ve grown as unfallen man • Line 32-44: “me” opposite of Satan’s self-regard. It’s humility o Positive echo of humility • Because Adam and Eve are now impure, they can’t live in pure environment o Necessary in change in human nature • Line 57-59: gave two gifts: happiness and immortality o Immortality would have brought them eternal woe, since they took their happiness • Death will be remedy. Second life possible in Heaven with faith • Line 99-?: Michael – arch angel. More forbidding. Lead soldier driving rebels out of Heaven o Fit to drive humans out of Heaven • Line 113: “dismiss … disconsolate” – give them consolation • Line 17: there is going to be a king of piece • 138-39: balance of joy and woe • 141 “fait” – first mention of faith in new contect • sense of hope o has a lot to learn, thinks they’re going to live • 158-161 – polypton (live or variant) o Eve with live – improved attitude towards Eve • 181-192 – nature o lots of predatory Nature – they are pair. Michael is going to chase Michael’s visit (208-422) • 221- “Stand” o station, scary military, angel o resting place of a hawk • 238-250: description of Michael o without wings (unlike Raphael) but won’t be talking about heavenly pleasures o purple: earthly royalty • 259-262: comfort, but there’s a “but” o 96-98 – echo. Parallel. They must be out • Adam is fearful • 268-85 (Eve’s lament): Have to leave Paradise o 270-80: named flowers: Bible; Adam names creatures. Paradise Lost: Eve named flowers ▪ it’s not biblical, but it’s interesting • 291-92: You will still have Adam (before trying to console) o Adam is Eve’s native soul. Doesn’t matter where they leave to • 303-18: He’s upset about losing God. Michael says God is not only in particular places o 349-50: God’s in
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