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Reza Barmaki

Crime and Delinquency: SOC307 Lecture Two: January 12 2011 1 Scientific Approach to the World Sociologist and Criminologist want to understand both the social and natural world. Within sociology there is a scientific way to understand the world. Criminology Criminology is the scientific approach to the study of crime and deviance. Crime is a form of human behaviour Criminology is based on different forms of human behaviours. There are both good and bad types of human behaviours. Example: Sexual behaviour, deviant behaviour, ect. Science Methodic Investigation: you follow a method when conducting science. A number of procedures are followed in order to carry out the investigation. You go from point A to point B to point C. Rule- Bound: Certain rules must be followed 1. Data Collection 2. Hypotheses Testing 3. Formulating Theory, ect. (These all have rule-bounds that need to be followed). Example: Biology, physics, chemistry. The method which is followed, makes something scientific in nature Science is about MEASUREMENT REPETITON IS WITHIN SCIENCE. SCIENCE IS NOT HAPHAZARD Other ways to Approach Phenomenas 1. Religious Approach ( Pre-scientificunscientific) Humans have tried to use religion as a way to explain everything. Premises of all religions Assumption one: There are supernatural forces beyond ordinary human powers (demons, gods, angels, spirts) Assumption Two: These supernatural forces try to intervene In both natural and social processes. Assumption Three: The control of these supernatural forces could be direct and indirect on humans and animals. Assumption Four: Some of the supernatural forces are for good actions and some are for bad(evil) actions. ** Some people claim that some of our crimes and deviance comes from evil supernatural forces**
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