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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Reza Barmaki

Crime and Delinquency: SOC307 Lecture Four: January 26. 2011 1 PSYCHOANALYSIS The analysis of the PSYCHE ( Freuds Ice berg model Freud wanted to convey that we only see a quarter of the human mind. The PSYCHE is divided into three components a. ID b. EGO c. SUPEREGO Mental Life: The activity and interaction of these three components The ID Unconscious Individual is not aware of it Instinctual desires: agreesive impulses, needs (food and sex) Control: Thoughts and feelings of the individual Present at Birth The ID is a immaterial entity, which is external to us. The ID is ruled by pleasure and pain principle Maximization of pleasure, and minimize of pain The ID wants Immediate gratification. A newborn baby is completely controlled by the ID The ID will nottake no for an answer Eg: A baby crying will not take NO for an answer The ID is a Repository of: 1. Repressed thoughts and memories (we censor them to the ID) 2. Person is averse to knowing consciously 3. Socially Unacceptable ideas, wishes or desires 4. Traumatic memories, and painful emotions. Unconscious is a force that expresses itself. It expresses itself via: a. Dreams b. Behaviour c. Emotions d. Speech THE EGO APART OF THE ID.
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