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Lecture 8

lecture 8 notes from class

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Maggie Cummings

Anthropology lec 8 - Fat body vs. thin body - Cross cultural comparison - Our own cultural beliefs, values and assumptions. - As the skin body is seen to be sexy and beautiful - In north America, our standard of female beauty is one that is very slim generally lean , well- muscled for women and young. - Our own obsession with slimness is just as fatness is for the Azawagh Arabs, as they feel that it is beautiful. @}[Z} Z - Obsession with thinness in north America- ][ZZK][ZoZZ}}ZZZwith being thin - Although we live in an age with media saturation and media influence it is to easy to blame the media, - Women body Crystallization of culture in body ideals - Z]L2}}]oL]}LZZ}ZL]L2]Z]K}L7LZZ}ZL[ want ot say that fattening is important because they live in the dessert. - She wants to avid saying that fattening represents many wives, how it represents wealth - Z]ZK}}]ZLEZZ7Zo}}}]LZ }Z ]7Z[ZZKakes fattening beautiful and you have to understand Islam there kinship value
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