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Donna Young

ANTB21  Cultural name: connects you to where you are from and where you are right now.  Its based on language as well  Related to long history and deep meaning – stated by Russel Peters  you’re really connected if you know what that means.  Opposite of cultural names – anything that sounds kind of English.  What is about English names that is not cultural – because of colonization. English is about being here.  Canadian culture: Russel doesn’t have a cultural name but if he had it he would be proud of it  “Indian Name” – names like “Anit Patel, Prabhjot ( God’s essence), deep meaning, long history, wear it proudly and have culture.  English – regular name: russel, eric, Maureen – no meaning or history, can’t really weart it proudly, no culture [i.e. ethnic difference)  Language Ideologies: “That’s what they do in theory. But its different in practice” – the practice or reality is different than what they say that they’re doing  Explicit explanation (“theory”) about language ad how language works socially, which is related to, but doesn’t determine the use of language (i.e, the “pr
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