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Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

Cardiovascular System Functions: removes waste, transports oxygen, temperature, disease fighting, transports nutrients Vessels Arteries: thick walls, high pressure, Takes Oxygenated blood away Veins: medium thickness, one way valves, lowest pressure, Takes deoxygenated blood to heart Capillaries: smallest vessels, gas exchange Sphincter: muscle that controls blood flow on a capillary bed Blood Red Blood Cells: contains hemoglobin with magnesium centre to attract and hold oxygen White Blood Cells: fights off foreign agents Platelets: break open to create an ingredient that allows blood to clot together Plasma: makes blood water and fluid (not a solid component) Coronary Circulation: within the heart Pulmonary Circulation: heart and lung Systemic Circulation: around the body Heart: (in order) Superior/Inferior Vena Cava: receives blood into the heart (vein) Right Atria: receives blood Tricuspid Valve: (right) Atrioventricular valve that leads into ventricles Right Ventricle: contracts to force blood to next lung Pulmonary Semilunar Valve: forces blood into the pulmonary veins Pulmonary Arteries: takes deoxygenated blood away from heart Pulmonary Veins: takes oxygenated blood back to the heart Left Atrium: stores blood as they return Bicuspid Valve: moves blood into the left atrium Left Ventricle: contracts to move blood up the aortic semilunar valve Aortic Semilunar valve: moves blood up to the Aorta Aorta: (artery) moves the oxygenated away Systolic Pressure: pressure during contraction Diastole Pressure: Pressure during relaxation (Blood reflows) SA Node: receives signals from t
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