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Lecture 7

Notes for Lecture 7

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Biological Sciences
Aarti Ashok

MITOCHONDRIA: Structure & Function Mitochondria: origin -Mitochondria arose from aerobic prokaryotes - phagocytosed by eukaryotes -Mitochondria can divide within the cell - ^K]} Z}L]o]ZZ]}L_ Mitochondria: structure -Outer membrane (OMM) -Inner membrane (cristae) two are intermembrane space -Matrix GEL LIKE -2 membranes -2 aqueous compartments Mitochondria structure: OMM The outer mitochondrial membrane: -serves as the outer boundary of the organelle -has ~ 50% protein : 50% lipid ratio -has a diverse number of proteins that function as enzymes -several large protein channels J porins - Not specific & variety of moleciles -J-pleated sheets -can allow passage of large number of molecules ((e.g. ATP) -respond to conditions within the cell E.G. cell stress Mitochondria structure: IMM The inner mitochondrial membrane thin folds -has cristae -has ~75% protein: 25% lipid ratio -almost 100 different proteins present and has almost no cholesterol -is rich in a phospholipid called cardiolipin found in many bacterial membrane -very impermeable to molecules and has many channels & pumps highly selective Mitochondria structure: matrix -gel-like consistency from the high concentration of proteins and DNA -contains DNA (own genetic material) and ribosomes -mitochondrial DNA encodes ~ 37 genes in humans Mitochondrial proteins -The majority of proteins that function in the mitochondria are encoded by DNA in the cell nucleus -These proteins are translated on free ribosomes in the cytosol -They then need to be imported into the mitochondria POST-translational import protein
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