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University of Toronto Scarborough
Concurrent Teacher Education
Colette Granger

CTEC01_Jan16 Freedom Writers  Humour o She tried speaking slang to loosen her students a bit  On going ice-breaker  There was a cultural conflict in the beginning that distanced the students; kids of the same cultures stuck together - Ms. G. had empathy toward the students  She didn’t directly go to individual students to help them, rather, she used another method (the journals) and gave them the option if they wanted her to read it or not  Does it in a more subtle way saying “each thing, remind me of a bit of everyone”  Even going through her divorce, she doesn’t let it take affect on her teaching; except for when she talks with André; and says “fuck you, everyone has something going on” o She asks her students to tell about their stories and life, but she doesn’t open up much about her personal stories - Husband lacked much communication skills  She wasn’t perfect either but was very supportive of her husband unlike him - Gender  Communication is gendered  The husband : not really talk abo
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