EESA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Herpes Labialis, Bioorganic Chemistry, Water Vapor

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Published on 28 Jun 2012
Lec 11- Global Climate Change and Human Health
last 100 000 years was the ice age glaciation period
Climates -> arguments over weather conditions
Climate changes all the time since earths history
Last iceage was 10,000 years ago
Green house gases
Energy from the Sun warms the Earth’s surface
Energy radiate back toward space
Water vapor (clouds), CO2, and other gasses are heated
Then they radiate heat (longer wavelength) in all directions (space or warms the air
and the Earth’s surface)
CH4 –methane amount sig. Inc. in last couple of decades
1961-2003 inc in these gases seen
photosynthetics seasonal effect winter -> summer
Processes affecting increase of green house gases
grass lands -> used in agriculture (deforestation forests are storage of
carbon dioxide in biomass)
releases a lot of carbon dioxide when trees are burned
was produced naturally but b.c of human activities we saw a large spike
planting of rice (not as sig. But still contaminates)
rice produced by planted seeds in soil after at some vegetation stay that
when cycling of flooding
raising large number of livestock (cow manure)
in flat soil carbon dioxide stays when soil dry it will be released (bioorganic
china was 3/4th place but now is in 2nd (industrial revolution usage of coal)
Canada is only 0.5 of works pop so 23% is v.sig
Present Problems
we recorded weather for 150 years
problem for agriculture areas -> contribute to getting less and less water
expect bigger rise in sea level
proves that climate is changing
Future changes
direct-> changes in temp or indirect -> changes in temp lead to changes in
appearance of insects inc. in vector borne diseases
food burned is we see seasonal patterns (more often in summer)
inc in cholera lives w/algae and is dominant but inc. in temp will make them
shellfish poisoning feed on plankton that produces toxins
injuries do to cold weather (have affect on vegetation, animals and
indirectly on humans)
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