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8 Dec 2010
December 1st, 2010
x ÀÇ]uZP}}v]v]µ]}vZl]µZ[v}µ}u}]
x How can there be so much but so many people with so little
x Literature is the axe for the frozen sea within us
x He makes the system insane with companionship, empathy, and slow us down by the place of a
x Hegemonic discourse
x dZu]vÆ]Ç(µZ}v[oo}ÁZ]u}]}v}l}À
x The failing is the interpretation to be the machine
x The machine asks for more loyalty than it gives
x The economy is the result of hegemonic discourse
x Money is an attempt of accumulated control
x The insistence on the part of the tramp to share rather than invent
x /[]((vÇ}(su]o]}vZ]
x Investing is an expectation
x /[P
x Money is drainable
x v][ÁÇ}v]ÌÀoµ}]vuv]µo
x The difference between investment and sacrifice is the loss of transcendental certitude
x When there is nothing to sacrifice to than sacrifice looks like a big loser
x Investment replaces sacrifice
x Expects twice as much in return
x The tools you use to shape the world also shape you
x Globalization is another word for imperialism
x Labour goes where wage is the cheapest
x ^iµ}]_vÆuo}(ZPu}v]]}µ
x Substitute mastery for belief
x More and more privatization of machinery
x By using the products, you are on the chain of the assembly line
x Technology makes us seem that using it is better than being there
x The power of hegemonic discourse is in the rolling skating scene
x A lot what drives us is fear based
x Getting more and more insulated
x Better consumers because you then consume more in order to connect and feel more
connected to people
x Why do we have to be alone to be more connected? Ex. Facebook
x Vamperic relationship, most life affirming humanity
x Humanity is in the connection, relationship
x Crazy people have the messages sometimes
x Normally culture makes the connection between past and future
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