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14 Apr 2012

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Lecture One
SOUL it is the concept that connects you to the
Morality sin: it is an extra level of
behavior control. You have to fear the
divine creation if not the people around
you. Morality becomes the incompatible
laws. It is based on the system to treat
people the way you wish you would be
treated. We take advantage of others
before they do that to us.
Vampiric relationship
The myth of this century is that we do not believe in them.
Myth is a strategy that translates an experience.
Your myth is your filter; it organizes and prioritizes your observations. The durations matter as
well for example how long you look at the bird.
We have to understand the myths because they are basis of reality.
There is an interface, its real but it’s your version of reality. It’s a version that comes through
mythology such as faith, it’s something you believe that comes to you and you comprehend it in
your own way.
Faith is something you cannot prove, it requires doubt. You cannot believe until and unless you
wonder. It’s a constant hence there are rituals. It’s a perpetual exercise.
Faith untested by doubt is weak.
If you don’t doubt you it is not alive
The religion wars aren’t about faith it is what the religion allows or does not allow you to do.
The question is not who is your god; it is what is your god?
What is your reason to wake up in the morning? It is always a transcendent. The reason you
wake up connects to your belief system.
The universal community has no sense of transcendent gods. Believing in god gives us servitude.
We have this because we want to know- certainty.
Doubt servitude is always essentials.
In the last and this century, it is the loss of transcendent servitude. We are no longer sure.
Democracy tries to legitimize itself through the people
We have more freedom which makes us unsure.
The burden of freedom. We think freedom is it but if you are free to do anything you are open
to anxiety to why we should something and why we shouldn’t do something else. You get
terrified. The flip side to this is you found anxiety. The one decision you made is you not making
the 100 other. You cannot be sure.
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