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Daniel Tysdal

ENGB04February 14 2012February 14 2012 EKPHRASIS poems about art AND ELEGY poems of mourning loss of a loved oneStanley Kunitzs The Portrait 514How does Kunitz work with form to depict the violence of this fathers suicide and its effects endurance o In each fragment its sending us a different emotional state o Sentence 2 metaphor in her deepest cabinet figurative mentallyemotionally we have deep cabinets within ourselves where we dont want to forget about literallyo Layers of pain Mothers pain slapping her son the cheek still burning evidence from the pastOne little act can mean so muchThe Narrative Poem organization development of a poem plot The Lyric Poem usually in the present tense feelings The InteractionSHERMAN ALEXIES EVOLUTION 152AS NARRATIVE POEM What story does he tell o Colonialization figure for history of colonialismo Story of buffalo bill running his pawn shopWhy does he tell this story o Preservation showing injustice toward the Indians o Evolutionshow how this cultural domination is presented as a natural of the American culture its just a story of evolution but its not o How extreme the acts of corporations are o There is a turn at the end they are in control of everything even charges the Indian to enter to see their own stuffHow does he tell this story and to what end o Lists various of things being pawned o The selling of the bodiesTHEODORE REOTHKES ELEGY FOR JANE 571AS LYRIC POEM On what subject does he reflect meditate o Wrote for Jane his studentWhy does he reflect meditate on this subject o A tribute for Jane something to remember o Reflecting on relationship o Important strong bondteacherstudent not love wiseWhat are his successive takes on the subject being considered o Rhetorical devices Similes metaphors
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