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University of Toronto Scarborough
Karina Vernon

WEEK 1: Lecture 1 & 2 11-04-21 5:36 PM All of us in this room claim citizenship in at least one nation Some of us are citizens of more than one nation But none f us are citizens of no nation The earths livable surfaces its land mass is entirely divided up into territories they are under the jurisdiction of a nation, state, rules All of the land in our planet has been entirely divided up into nations. Ask yourself, is there any place in the world that does not belong to a nation (aside from Antarctica) Question: Must all people on earth have citizenship in a nation? Must we all have a nation as we have a gender? Is belonging to a nation an inevitable party of our social being, a part of the human condition. Is there anyone on earth who isnt a subject of any nation? It happens today but is very rare Stateless persons are people with no citizenship or nationality: Their nations cease to exist (copy rest..) In 1954 there was a policy to prevent people from becoming stateless Children are entitled to a name and a nationality having a nation is fundamental to our social being in the 21 century t If we are all citizens in the same place, is that the same thing as BELONGING THERE? For example a family immigrated to Canada from Egypt and they become a naturalized Canadian Citizen.. does that mean they belong? Because they hold a citizenship would they feel like their ar home? o Citizenship is just a peice of paper that says you have legal rights to be on the land. But belonging is a process that happens over time. BELONG = BE LONG. Takes time to develop. Time does not suture this rift, for some people they can be in Canada for a long time but not experience the nation. o Citizenship and Belonging are not necessarily the same thing. We have a tendency in Canada to ask where are you from There is a difference between a state and nation, they are not synomonous Why do nations inspire emotional attachments attachments we do not feel to urban municipalities, provinces, regison or other organizations? Symbols of nations inspire us to have emotion , ardent feelings: o For example, the national anthem, tim Horton commercial etc. o sports team, team Canada: we said we won they were doing it for us and that inspired so much emotion and joy. o Flags 1) Molson Canadian, I AM CANADIAN This advertisement inspired many Canadians. Background information: launched in 1944, and reaching its height in the famous RANT both on television and in movie theatres across Canada in March 200. It was more popular than controversial o Many people loved the Character Joe Canada o The campaign tapped into the subjugated nationalism lurking in the Canadian psyche at a period where national sentiment was thought to be all but extinct How is it possible to have citizenship to a nation and yet feel excluded from the nation al community? o People starting saying I am Canadian o Touched in a deep emotion, that was previously seen as repressed, they were showing their love for the country and their patriotism but this ad unleashed it. The song that plays in the background is called Pomp and Circumstance these types of songs are processional, you play it in a right of passage (graduation) o What does it mean that it is in the background of this ad, it is a British patriotic song. o This ad shows its British colonial heritage, that is one thing that makes Canada unique it doesnt try to separate itself from that, it celebrates it. What is there to like about this representation of Canada, and what is there to critique? How does the ad construct the notion of Canada and of Canadianness? Positive Niceness as a national characteristic. It addresses popular misconceptions about Canada being small in size when referring to sue sally o We are not a frozen wasteland. o Critiques Identifies itself with a British colonial heritage, but not French it distinguishes Canada away from the American heritage. But at the same time, could this ad run successfully in Quebec? No it cant. The ad undermines itself this way. I speak English and French what about other cultural languages. Why omit that? o However, this ad was out 11 years ago, and back then the target market was Anglo -Saxons. And they did try to incorporate diversity not assimilation (as he says that a screen comes up with different colours). I dont live in an igloo, and I dont eat blubber so what about those people in Canada that do that? Are they not Canadian, are some people more Canadian than others? Sally, Sue, names.. these are all white names why didnt he use Chinese Indian names. Because Sally, Susy and Jimmy become the stand in names in Canada metonymically, they are metonym: a part that stands for the whole. o So in this ad, these anglosaxon names stand for the whole of Canada. Joe speaks, what is the criteria for who is allowed to speak for this ad. o White male, lumberjack o He is the pioneer-looking Canadian. o But why couldnt somebody who looks different from Joe, someone from an ethnic culture? o It reveals the way the nation gets imagined, it shows that Canada is an inclusive nation but it undermines that nation . In his body he undermines everything he is saying. A stereotype flattens the complexity of the real story, Joe is speaking against the stereotypes against those people. How does he approach the microphone? Awkward, with hand in pockets, he is very shy and humble initially. The
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