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lecture 4

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Laura Jane Wey

Lecture 4 2009Tuesday September 20 2011305 PMShelley Prometheus Unbound Very romantic Percy Shelley 17921822One of the representative Romantic poetsEnd of 18th cent mid 19th cent Romantic Period Professor considers him the most romantic writer Husband of Mary ShelleyExpelled from Oxford for penning pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism Its clear hes someone who was working through his thoughts about God and is seen in his poem that were studying Romanticism Romanticism places an emphasis on feeling individuality and passion rather than classical form and order and typically prefers grandeur picturesqueness or naturalness to finish and proportion Generally opposed to classical OED romantic adj 7Does not seem like he carefully planned out the different parts of his poem This is a classical myth that he has taken and retold but a very different affect to the other plays concerning Prometheus Reaction against Enlightenment belief in scientific rationalism Generally the 18th century a period of a lot of scientific discovery and where people felt a rational and empirical understanding of things in the worldTook the trust in science and rationality to an extreme and the pendulum went to another extreme stressing individuality Should consider eachexperience as an individual case
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