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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 10 1 Natural sons and chosen sons as a theme2 Magic and Welsh culture3 Gender and language4 the transformation of Henry Scene of GlendourDifferent languagesHow Shakespeare gives clues about characters who change throughoutFalstaff imitates court language but sounds absurt o Falstaff as a chosen father but Harry still has to deal with his real fatherFallstaff pokes fun at deposition which is a serious matterHenry tries elevated talk but ends up doing tavern talkFalstaff thinks one day his chosen son will be kingKing Henry talks to his son privately o Falstaff has affection towards chosen son o King Henry has no affection to his actual sonYou were sent by God to punish meWhatever rational explanation can there beQ Is this the Bolinbrook from Richard II No The old Bolinbrook would tip his hat at commoners and was likeable by the public o But now Bolinbrook is rewriting historyportraying himself differentlyHe wishes Hotspur and Henry could have been witchedFirst king uses Pathos but then he gets mean again
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