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Lecture 5

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Laura Jane Wey

September 22, 2011 Bible and Literature Lecture 5 ➢ EXODUS 1 – 18  When did these events take place?  Chapter 12/13 says almost 400 years since the years of Jospeh ( 4 generations)  No evidence to support any of the events in the Exodus.  This generation was born and raised in Egypt so they have no knowledge of Canaan. Early History of Moses ➢ Brief description of how things were in Egypt ➢ A new era, a new ruler, who does not have the same positive attitude towards Jospeh's descendents. ➢ New Pharaoh  Why is the new Pharaoh hostile towards them?  His way of dealing with Hebrews:  Make them work as slaves  Kills male children to cut down population ➢ Moses' Infancy  Was adopted by an Egyptian  Hebrew child – sort of a cross-cultural figure ➢ Young Moses As a Defencer of the Powerless  Moses identifies btwn Hebrews rather than Egyptians – even killed an Egyptian  1) Incident btwn 2 Hebrews – Moses takes the side of the weaker – shows that he has a good sense of justice  Moses flees because he fears that pple will discover that he killed an Egyptian  2) When a shepherd tries to drive away Midian's daughters because they're week, Moses comes to the rescue – thus, defends the powerless and also earns himself a wife. ➢ First Theopany at the Holy Mountain  Chapter 3 - The Burning Bush  Inconsistency as to whether it is really God  Told that it is the "angel of the lord" (v: 2)  "God calls onto him out of the bush and God speaks to him" (v: 4) • God, angel of God, and spirit of God all seem to be interchangeable.  Unlike Jacob who wrestles with God, Moses shys away – there is this custom that one should not look at God  Doubts whether people will believe him so asks God how he should answer questions as to how he should refer to God.  God replies, "I am that I am" • This makes it so that Moses does not name him and have power over him. • It's like God has always been the way he is  Compare "I am that I am" to Chapter 6 – "Jehovah" • Another version of the same story – God identifies himself differently to Moses.  How does Moses react?  "They will not believe me"  "I am not eloquent" (v:10) • Not completely clear whether it's cause he's not a good speaker or cause there's a physical ailment/deformation.  Moses' "uncircumcised lips" • Could be taken to mean "to have blockage" • So it needs to be circumcized for words to come out smoothly • *SO....he's not leaping at the chance to be a hero ➢ The Struggle With Pharaoh  God tells Moses what to say but Moses passes it on to Aaron to be a spokesperson  The twelve miracles (that harm Egyptia
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